Yanhua – FEM / BDC – BMW – Non-Soldering Programming Clip – 95128/95256 Chip

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  • Functions in adding new key and all keys lost programming.
  • Programming clip allows for a easy, fast, safe, and reliable connection to the chip.
  • Functions the same as a FEM/BDC puncture socket.
  • Clip clamps reliably – no need to worry about thick paint or having to hold the clip down.
  • Compatible with Yanhua ACDP, CGDI, VVDI, Autel, and Launch X431.

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The YANHUA FEM/BDC special programming clip is used to connect 95128/95256 chip without removing and soldering the chip when pre-processing BMW FEM/BDC module.


  • Program FEM/BDC to add keys
  • Clamping fast, safe and reliable, and has simple positioning
  • Function is as same as FEM/BDC puncture socket, but made easier and more stable with a clip
  • Clamping fast, safe and reliable, simple positioning, not easy to slip
  • No need to worry the thickness of the paint on the chip
  • Compatible with Yanhua ACDP, CGDI, VVDI, Autel, Launch X431 items together


FEM Connection Diagram:

BDC Connection Diagram: