Mini ACDP2 – Module #13 – VW/Audi Gearbox/Transmission TCM Clone With License A600

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  • Yanhua Mini ACDP Module 2 BMW FEM/BDC Support IMMO Key Programming, Odometer Reset, Module Recovery, Data BackupACDP BMW FEM/BDC Mdoule 2 Functions:
    1. Support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming and mileage reset by ICP.
    2. Support disable key, enable key, delete key by OBD.
    3. Support backup IMMO data and write IMMO data.
    4. Support FEM/BDC module restore.Module Features:
    1. OBD detect FEM/BDC, can directly identify whether the FEM/BDC module has been pretreated by the OBD.
    2. Fully automatic mode matching, safe, simple and efficient.
    3. 95128/95256 pin intelligent detection, data reading and writing safe and reliable.
    4. The intergrated interface board connect the FEM/BDC modulet. Simple operation, plug to use it directly, safe and reliable connection.

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Module Function:

  • Support VW, Audi DQ200(0AM/0CM), DQ250(02E/0D9), DL382(0CK) ,DL501(0B5) ,VL381(0AW) models and etc.
    VW Audi Gearbox Mileage Correction function is available now, if you need, you can buy ACDP VW/Audi Gearbox Mileage Correction Module 21
  • If you have ACDP VW Audi Gearbox Clone Module 13 already, you can pay for the A605 License for VW Audi Gearbox Mileage Correction alone

Supported brands: VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda

The special interface board connection method replaces the traditional plugging wire method to prevent plug wire to opposite direction and wrong place.
Simple and efficient, plug and place, safe and reliable.