Lonsdor – KH100+ – Hand Held Remote Key Programmer – Generate Remotes – Copy Chips – Toyota H Chip

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Lonsdor KH100+

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Lonsdor KH100+ is the new and improved versatile hand-held smart device, able to access control keys, simulate/ generate chip, generate remote (key), detect remote frequency, detect IMMO, unlock for Toyota smart key and more

Latest Improvements:

  • Includes 4 Programmable Remotes
  • Exclusive support for 8A (H chip) generation
  • 902 MHz Frequency Detection
  • Integrated Chip Holder
  • Data Collection from greater distance
  • More accurate Frequency Detection
  • Faster Calculations and more memory

Lonsdor KH100+ Functions:

Once registration/activation has been completed, the programmer will enter the menu interface below:

Identify Copy
Enter this submenu and follow the system prompts to identify the remote.

Access Card Cloning
Using this submenu you’ll be able to identify and copy IC cards as well as garage keys.

Simulate Chip
Point the device’s antenna towards the ignition switch as shown choose the corresponding chip type to simulate. The device supports the following chip types: 4D / 46 / 47 / 48

Generate Chip
Place the desired chip into the induction slot (as shown), then choose the corresponding chip you wish to operate according to the prompts.

Note: some chip data will be covered and locked

Generate Remote
Within the Generate Key menu select ->[Generate remote], then choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate remote control (as shown) according to different regions.

Generate Smart Key
Within the Generate Key menu select ->[Generate smart key], then choose the corresponding vehicle type to generate smart key/card (as shown) according to different regions.

Identify Coil

  1. Search smart induction area Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100+’s antenna close to the pre-determined position. If an inductive signal is identified, the device will continuously make sounds, please check if the position is right (as shown below).
  2. Detect IMMO Connect remote key with remote connector, put KH100+’s antenna close to key identification coil, and use the key to turn ignition ON. When the KH100+ buzzer beeps, it means the signal is detected.

Remote Frequency
Enter this menu and then point the remote towards the device’s induction area to detect remote frequency.

Special Function
Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, FT Toyota smart key, Charge key, More functions, to be continued…

  1. Detect infrared signal Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote’s button once. When the light on KH100+’s screen is on, it indicates there is an infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal (see below pic).
  2. FT smart key For Toyota or Lexus smart keys from Lonsdor, you can perform the following functional operations: read version info, modify key-value, unlock and upgrade program and etc. Put in the smart key, click [select] to operate.
  3. Unlock Toyota smart key/detect Toyota key status Put in the smart key, click OK to operate.
  4. Charge key For a chargeable key with a battery, you can perform this function. Put in the key, click [OK] to operate.


The chip types can be copied by Lonsdor KH100P remote maker

11 / 12 / 13 / 33 / 42 / 46 / 48 / 4C / 60 / 61 / 62 / 63 / 64 / 65 / 66 / 67 / 68 / 69 / 6A / 6B / 70E / 71 / 72G / 8A (Toyota H Chip)

Note 1:
11/12/13: Can be copied to T5/original JMD red super chip / original JMD king chip
33: Can be copied to T5/ blank 7935
42: Can be copied to blank 7935
46: Can be copied to LKP46/ CN3/ original JMD red super chip/ original JMD king chip
48: Can be copied to Deputy factory 48
4C/60/61/62/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70E/71/72G: Can be copied to LKP4D/ JMD Red Super Chip (S-JMD) for Handy Baby/original JMD king chip for handy baby
8A (Toyota H) chip: Can be copied to TS21

Note 2:
The copy function is encrypted by the chip itself, some original car keys only support reading or editing, not copy.
If the original car key does not support copies, the copy button will not appear in the details page.

How to update Lonsdor HK100:
1- Enter settings menu
2- Connect the device to network
3- Then choose [check for updates]
4- One-click for online update!